Metropole contributor Erin East shares some tips for great things to do with your baby in Vienna!

The U.S. has Craig’s List. Brits adore Gumtree. But Austria has Willhaben, the country’s biggest peer-to-peer marketplace for secondhand goods.

Here are your tips on how to get there from Vienna…

Live – and dress – in the past.

Prrrrrrt! Swimming pools, like any other enclosed public space, run on rules both official and unwritten to ensure safety and hygiene – with the clarion call of the lifeguard’s whistle policing it all.


A new startup called Music Traveler – like an Airbnb for musicians – helps music professionals find space to practice while they’re on the road.


Previously dismissed as a sign of immaturity, homesickness is now seen by researchers as playing a vital evolutionary role.

Whether you’re capturing your adventures by camera or drone, or canceling out the noise with some rich tunes, these toys put the “rave” in travel .

When it feels like distance has doomed your love life, don’t give up so soon.

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