Reporting from conflict zones is just as important as it is dangerous. Two journalists tell their stories.


People spend over $100 billion on medical procedures in foreign countries. In CEE, the trend has become a goldmine.


Two Austrian-led organizations ask whether social entrepreneurs in Africa can combat the world’s “wicked problems” any better than development NGOs.

Edith Tudor-Hart photographed poverty, society and children in Vienna and the U.K. and also helped launch Britain’s most notorious ring of spies for the Soviet Union.

A Russian expat investigates the local clichés and assumptions about her mega-rich countrymen

Whether you avoid your countrymen or seek out their company, everyone needs something to remind them of home. For Mexicans, it’s the Day of the Dead.

The Holy Trinity of a formal education is classroom, exam, diploma. This model is being challenged all over the world

For American citizens overseas, doing your civic duty is easier than you think: Cast an absentee ballot!

The Brexit vote has shaken the Europe’s political foundations. Will the project begin to unravel, or is this a new start for the Continent?

Austria’s true challenge of the ongoing refugee crisis lies not in handling the immediate influx, but in making sure those who stay, stay with a purpose.

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