March 2017

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In the current political climate, trust is at a premium. So Gerhard Kroiß (FPÖ), the deputy mayor of Wels in Lower Austria, decided it was time for the naked truth.

Calling ‘the pain large, the gain illusory,’ the former PM’s last-ditch effort to undo Brexit.

When Starbucks came to Vienna some 15 years ago – opening 21 shops in prime locations – many Viennese braced themselves for the graceless world of American consumerism. They need not have feared.

A warning to remember your country – of heritage or residence – even if your life has made you a citizen of the world.

An unspectacular visit by Vladimir Putin is an important measure of the growing pressures on a united Europe.

A quick-and-dirty synopsis of last month’s headlines in Vienna.

The head of Austria’s Public Employment Service (AMS), Johannes Kopf on the Chancellor’s Plan A employment ideas and why careers are like trees.

Austrians appreciate a fair day’s work if it doesn’t interfere too much with their private lives. But as the economic heart of Central Europe, the country scrambles to redefine its relationship with work.

Two Austrian-led organizations ask whether social entrepreneurs in Africa can combat the world’s “wicked problems” any better than development NGOs.

Gabriele and Sabrina Bacher: Veterinarians through and through

Ballerina, Vienna State Opera

The ultimate dream jobs in public service take patience, persistence and good language skills. If you’re lucky, you even get to save the world.

One study divides how we cope with anxiety into four categories: Guardians, Integrators, Drivers and Pioneers. Which one are you?

The number of coworking spaces in Vienna is growing. Is sharing an office with strangers the new normal?

How a mid-career degree jump-started three very  different professional lives.

A closer look at leaving the rat race and striking out on your own.

The University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna (MDW) celebrates its 200th anniversary with a cascade of events.

Jazz greats Ron Carter & Richard Galliano team up for a rare live performance.

The Volkstheater tackles the original woman scorned in Franz Grillparzer’s Medea.

Social criticism meets dance at Imagetanz, the annual experimental dance festival.

Back by popular demand, Open House Theatre goes Wilde with The Importance of Being Earnest.

The Belvedere’s Winterpalais takes a walk on fashion’s exquisite ugly side exploring vulgar fashion.

Glasses from the Empire and Biedermeier Period documents a rising middle class and its search for its own aesthetic.

The Young Karl Marx takes the earliest days of the labor movement out of the textbooks.

Barry Jenkins’ Oscar winner – Moonlight – tackles contemporary issues, captivating critics and festival audiences

Martin Scorsese brings his passion project, Silence, to the screen.

European cinema’s poorly charted east has more than a few surprises up its sleeve at the Let’s CEE Film Festival.

Nadiv Molcho – the young actor, director and member of the NENI clan – is used to defying naysayers. His first feature film is The History of Now.

Ice on the Alte Donau is a rare occurrence, bringing equally rare smiles to Vienna winters

How neoliberalism changed Central Europe in Europe Since 1989.

Austrian Michael Köhlmeier’s reinvention of the novel with Idyll with Drowning Dog and Madalyn.

Tall, sleek, elegant – fashion models can seem cold, removed, untouchable. We imagine they live charmed lives of pampered luxury, free entry and travel to exotic places. But behind the scenes it’s quite a different story.

Keeping you on top of important pillars of the fashion scene, from hypes to unsung heroes.

These are METROPOLE’S picks for must-visit shops in March. All Austrian, all legit, all good.

For savory Gulasch, Gasthaus zum Sieg is the real deal.

Ludwig van interprets culinary classics while adding new notes under the auspicious roof of one of Beethoven’s former dwellings.

As St. Patrick’s Day looms, a look at some of Vienna’s dyed-in-the-green establishments.

Cellar, field and desk; March is a busy  time of year for winemakers.

An after-work ski escape to an illuminated “magic mountain” is just an hour away. Several routes cut through the woods, creating 14 km of runs – 13 of which are lit up after dark.

Innsbruck delights with high peaks and a proud history. Twice host to the Winter Olympics and the Winter Paralympics, snow and ice lie at the spiritual heart of this city.

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To be truly integrated in Vienna there are certain terms no dictionary or Deutschkurs will properly explain.

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