The spirit of tapas lives on in a new guise at Paco

Nordic charm and a living-room atmosphere are a welcome addition to Vienna’s international collection of cuisines.

The “golden” cook of Fischrestaurant Kaj transforms the fresh catch from the Adriatic.

Ludwig van interprets culinary classics while adding new notes under the auspicious roof of one of Beethoven’s former dwellings.

For savory Gulasch, Gasthaus zum Sieg is the real deal.

The new Neapolitan-style pizzeria Via Toledo entices with a Valoriani oven and lots of southern cordiality.

Steinthal’s stripped-back dishes showcase the best of local produce.

High-end meets low-key at the new downtown eatery Crazy Lobster, offering more versions of the crustaceans than Vienna has ever seen

Kohei Kurosa serves udon and other beloved Japanese staples at his newly opened restaurant, Kuro

At Gasthaus Wild, the Austrian custom of roast goose for St. Martin’s is a veritable feast

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