For decades, Austrian and American avant-garde films have been influencing each other

A worthy entry in the genre, Hell or High Water is a western for the great recession America loves its underdogs. Deeply ingrained in the national psyche, the archetype is a mainstay, offering social commentary as the heroes fight corrupt, …

A visually stunning film about the fundamental truths of life and the monsters lurking in the dark places.

No Such Thing? The Free Lunch Society begs to differ.

A fast-food confidential on McDonald’s founder Ray Kroc.

In the presence of numerous international guests including up-and-coming filmmakers at the Let’sCEE Film Festival‘s award ceremony, nine prizes were bestowed last Saturday night at Vienna’s Urania Kino.

The annual Let’sCEE film festival takes place in Vienna from March 21–27, showcases over 140 films and brings together nine countries of the Central and Eastern European region.

As winter draws to a close, Vienna’s movie buffs look forward to the LET’S CEE Film Festival, a celebration of celluloid gems from Central and Eastern Europe all the way to the Caucasus.

Barry Jenkins’ Oscar winner – Moonlight – tackles contemporary issues, captivating critics and festival audiences

European cinema’s poorly charted east has more than a few surprises up its sleeve at the Let’s CEE Film Festival.

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