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Tom Middler came to Vienna in 2014 when he realized that as a freelance actor and writer, he didn't have to ask a responsible adult's permission to move to the world's "Most Livable City." You can regularly find him on stage with Open House Theatre, writing at his desk (mainly about all things sporting) or sipping a cold beer at Clash.

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Here are your tips on how to get there from Vienna…

It’s almost time once again for the Super Bowl, or the self-proclaimed “World’s Biggest Sporting Event.” In fairness to the occasion, that bold boast might not be too much of an “alternate fact.” Make no mistake, this is the prime-time …

Why everyone in Vienna should make a trip to the terraces in November

As the Euros draw to a close, Tom Middler reveals the winner of Metropole’s trophy for Best Public Viewing in Vienna

Tom Middler continues his coverage of the battle for Best Public Viewing in Vienna.

Last week Tom Middler reported from the Rathaus Fanzone – a hard-to-beat public-viewing powerhouse. This week, he gives his play-by-play commentary on the underdogs – the Irish pubs

Last week Tom Middler gave us his picks for the top public-viewing locations in Vienna. Now the game is on! Which one will take the trophy for Vienna’s best?

Not got your hands on a ticket to keep up with the football action from France? Never fear, Vienna has every fan covered, with a whole host of different locations to eat and drink while you follow your nation of …

The American football faithful congregate for high mass at the Vienna Viking’s Superbowl party

The magic of a masked ball and cabaret at the Volkstheater’s Rote Bar