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Ross is a literature grad and author of a wildly unsuccessful novel. When not deep in books or cups, he can be found meditatively making coffee, or running in the deepest, darkest tracts of the Wienerwald.

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We’re now well into winter. The last cinnamon breath of Christmas is a distant memory, and the glimmering promise of spring is still too distant to cling to.

Steinthal’s stripped-back dishes showcase the best of local produce.

The dust has settled from the New Year’s fireworks. Now Vienna looks forward to its famous ball season. Whether you’re a seasoned ball-goer or haven’t the foggiest about what it’s all about, Metropole has got you covered with tips and …

A smartphone can be anything from a useful tool to a constant nag. Just don’t gawk at the screen while crossing the Gürtel and it can do much to improve your Vienna experience.

April is the cruelest month according to T.S.Eliot, but he’d obviously never been to Vienna, at least not in the spring.