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Margaret Childs is Editor in Chief of Metropole. Originally from New York, she has called Vienna home for 18 years. Her long-form writing specializes in business, profiles and interviews. She is known for talking too fast and too loudly and inhaling coffee like there's no tomorrow. She tweets @mtmchilds Photo: Michèle Pauty

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High-end meets low-key at the new downtown eatery Crazy Lobster, offering more versions of the crustaceans than Vienna has ever seen

The general manager of the Vienna Tourist Board, Norbert Kettner, shared his plans for “reputation management” and coined our new favorite phrase: Lifestyle Spießer

We’re so fancy


As cold weather takes over, the thermal baths of Styria’s Spa Region beckon for weekends of peace and warmth.

Naked and Screaming


The controversial performance artist Hermann Nitsch invited us to visit in Prinzendorf to discuss art, nature, death and wine.

The creative industries need to be ever-fresh. Michael Conrad of the Berlin School of Creative Leadership talks about what it takes to create like a boss

Life lessons

Vice President of the Austrian National Board at AIESEC, Buse Özgöde tells us how international education changed her perspective – and the direction of her career

Define smart.

Spectators visit the Austrian Polo Open to witness the breakneck game and get a glimpse of the fanciful hats that make up the sport’s international style.

We met Eveline Steinberger-Kern, former executive at Verbund and Siemens, now founder of a green energy investment company – oh, and wife of the Austrian Chancellor.

The creators of It’s All About the Meat, Baby share their plans for the future of Vienna burgers and how to make the best one

Every year the Danube Canal promenade gets a little more sexy, with laid-back bars, delicious street-food-style eateries and the urban attitude to match. Here are our top 10 picks for 2016

Two expat dancers, Stephanie Cumming and Katarina Meves warm up for Impulstanz in the Painting 2.0 exhibit at Mumok

Enter, stage left

We met Sharon Booth, an inpirational Canadian-born, Juilliard-educated dancer who found her way to Vienna, now teaching contemporary dance at the Staatsoper

It looks easy, being green

We met Stephan Sicars, Director of the Environmental Branch of UNIDO, at Café Wortner, an old-school coffee house on a cobblestone corner of the 4th district

Dine at your country house in the middle of the 1st district

We asked twelve Austrian founders to pick their local hero from the startup ecosystem

We met British comedian Patrick Lamb at vrei, a virtual reality lounge in the 7th to talk about comedy, the Viennese and his hood in Hernals

We were fighting an uphill battle. No one was being paid and there was a constant state of upbeat panic. When we founded Metropole, it seemed like the cards were stacked against us.

Where cosmopolitan kids can get the garb they need to shine no matter where life takes them

The new downtown hotspot Kitch serves up pimped Neapolitan with industrial chic

Generation everywhere

Viennese startup Robo Technologies turns children, or anyone, into robotics engineers

Imagine coming out of the U-Bahn at Stephansplatz on your way to meeting a friend at the corner of the Haas House, weaving your way through groups of tourists gathered around St. Stephen’s Cathedral and dodging business people rushing through …

Austrians are notoriously risk-averse and have been big fans of savings accounts, but how do they invest?

Austrians are notoriously risk-averse and have been big fans of savings accounts, but how do they invest?

Man plans and God laughs

It took four years for the EU’s twenty-eight member states to pass the new law on data protection. Now companies are bracing themselves for high stakes and citizens hoping for more control.

Trust me, I know all about you. When talking about data privacy it’s easy to get philosophical.

It all started out so humbly. Living in Vienna, I don’t own a car, so I signed up for Car2Go in 2012 (yes, I was an early adopter) in order to get some practice driving. There were other perks: convenience, …

Ball season is back and we asked how the tradition has endured so long and what changes will keep the debutantes coming.

At the Kunstsupermarkt, original art has a tiny price tag. Who knows? You may pick up the next Ernst Fuchs, Hermann Nitsch or Gottfried Helnwein.

Die Liebe offers a passionate tapas-style meal alongside delicious wines, all within the quiet bustle of Marktwirtschaft, the new indoor food market.

He who has the gold… When tracking a story, an investigative journalist is told to follow the money. In the art world, that’s not so easy.

Paris State of Emergency My phone lit up with the news last night, as the attacks in Paris took over 125 lives. After reading and rereading the simple sentence “attacks at a stadium in Paris, over 60 dead,” more news …

It seemed to happen overnight. Without taking issue with the economic status quo, we, the consumers of the interconnected world, wanted to do business with each other.

Vienna’s rent is famously low compared to other European capitals. We spoke to four Vienna dwellers – a pilot, an artist, a retired secretary and a young doctor – about how their rental choices have affected and changed their lives.

Arriving in Austria as a refugee, Ali Mahlodji lived in 13 apartments before he was 10 years old, dropped out of school at 18 and worked over 40 jobs before founding Whatchado

Newsrooms around the world are discussing how and when to use the words “refugee” and “migrant.” Terminology is key when it comes to why people are fleeing or seeking a better home. It gives context to their needs and struggle. …

So you’ve been here for a while, but still aren’t sure if you’ve truly integrated? If you answer yes to at least 6 things on this list, you’ve arrived. Congratulations. Your weekend begins at 3pm on a Friday afternoon. Actually, make …

The idea was to reach all of them. The many pockets of expats and internationals who live and work in Vienna. We held focus groups, took surveys, did research and most importantly listened. And now the proverbial eagle has landed. We aim …

It doesn’t take being born here to belong. The most convincing Viennese are from all over Austria and the world and have adopted the ways of the city. Vienna lures you into its grasp and before you know it you’ve said “heast” …