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Dardis McNamee is the Publisher and Editor at Large of METROPOLE Vienna in English.

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Vienna has traded their skyline to improve the Wiener Eislaufverein and other public spaces in the area. But at what cost?

Summer in the mountains is a world apart: Here, the air is thick with smells of moist earth, acacia and wild honeysuckle. On a cloudless day, the light is clear and shimmering, the night sky a cascade of stars.

History is often remembered in an iconic photograph, and so it was when the Foreign Ministers of Austria, Alois Mock, and Hungary, Guyla Horn, met on June 27, 1989 on the border near Sopron, and with giant lopping shears, cut …

When Sebastian Kurz was asked to be State Secretary for Integration in 2011, he was 24 years old.

The politics of women’s clothing in advertising

The centennial of the Great War is the clearest argument for why the European Union matters

While others may debate whether art is, or should be, political, Austrian Nobel laureate Elfriede Jelinek has never been in doubt.

To keep women on the land, things will have to change.

Charm is an elusive quality, a mix of beauty, setting, an appeal to the heart. Something precious. Even in Vienna, it should never be taken for granted.

Calling ‘the pain large, the gain illusory,’ the former PM’s last-ditch effort to undo Brexit.

In the current political climate, trust is at a premium. So Gerhard Kroiß (FPÖ), the deputy mayor of Wels in Lower Austria, decided it was time for the naked truth.

The ultimate dream jobs in public service take patience, persistence and good language skills. If you’re lucky, you even get to save the world.

How a small number of young eastern Europeans have managed to influence U.S politics.

Georgia O’Keeffe stars in her largest retrospective outside of her home country.

Vienna-born Ari Rath, former editor-in-chief of The Jerusalem Post, died on January 13, 2017, at the age of 92. A strong advocate for peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians, he furthered dialogue between Vienna and Israel, as well. The …

It has happened so often.

There are no rules in the world of luxury except that everything goes. The people who work with this clientele don’t sell a mere product, but provide  an experience and a certain identity

Skiing is deeply embedded in Austrian identity. In spite of climate change, technology has made the sport smarter and safer.

Some Viennese may play down any special relationship with death. But, then again, it’s probably better not to take any chances…

Across Europe, liberal principles are under pressure, Austrian democracy must not be put at risk.

A revolution in school reform – finally!

With contributions pouring in, Alexander Van der Bellen is out to win the Hofburg – again – and help set the tone for Europe’s future.

Austria’s new media-savvy chancellor Christian Kern offers a “New Deal,” while facing down the far right

As failed crops, droughts, and extreme weather cause more upheaval we may need to rethink our definitions

With each attempt to strong-arm the media, Turkish President Erdogan only confirms his vulnerability

Being an expat in Vienna doesn’t necessarily mean turning your back on all things home

Austrian leaders took some risks – and a lot of criticism – to start the diplomatic conversation

Eugene Quinn’s irreverent campaign to reimagine Vienna, and break down hidebound rules of trade

Closing Europe’s borders is not the solution to the refugee crisis, but it might help open a real discussion about it.

With a fascinating cast of characters, Philipp Blom’s engaging history of  the inter-war years stages the glories and agonies of these troubled times. 

David Clay Large’s engaging history: The Grand Spas of Central Europe 

Does culture still matter in a world where big money often defines value?

The Paris attacks make the return of border controls essential This essay was first written in the early hours following the six-attack night of horror in Paris. 

Can Vienna be enriched by the flood of migrants coming to Europe? History suggests that it will.