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Born 1991, studied Journalism, History and International Affairs. After stints with Cafébabel in Paris and Arte in Strasbourg, he is now working as a free journalist in Vienna and finishing his Master's degree in Global History. Fields of expertise are politics, economics, culture, and history. Photo: Visual Hub

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Summer heat doesn’t temper Austrians’ appetite for high peaks in the slightest. Many Austrians have never seen The Sound of Music (after all, what does Hollywood know?). And those who have may well reject the picture of a folksy, slightly …


The LGBT scene has experienced a surge of acceptance in Austria, but it took a while to get here and equality is not yet a reality.


So what’s wrong with dirty money? Founder Georg Fechter has perfected the art of banking on fuel, fire and adrenaline.

More fun with confusing Austro-German idioms

Austrians appreciate a fair day’s work if it doesn’t interfere too much with their private lives. But as the economic heart of Central Europe, the country scrambles to redefine its relationship with work.

Are you cut out for 00 status? Improve your combat skills, polish your manners, and become wine, poker and dance floor savvy. It could just save your life.

Most of us don’t like to think about the end of our days. But getting our affairs in order in time can be a huge relief for all parties.

A myth-busting new history of the Habsburg Empire by Pieter M. Judson gives valuable insights on nationalism and identity in Central Europe.

On September 5, over  220,000 Viennese students went back to school. Some go willingly, some have to be dragged, but Austrian parents have a stock response to unwilling schoolgoers: Blame Maria Theresa

The Raimund Theater sets the stage for Emanuel Schikaneder, legendary writer of The Magic Flute

With schools and universities starting again, Benedict Carey’s How We Learn is the right guide for getting your brain in full swing

The Brexit vote has shaken the Europe’s political foundations. Will the project begin to unravel, or is this a new start for the Continent?

Trips from Vienna to Bratislava are routine. But if the Hyperloop project has its way, they may soon become the most exciting commute on the planet.

The Olympics in Rio didn’t provide Austrians with all that much cause for cheer. While it rains medals on the self-dubbed “sports nation” every winter, its athletes for the Summer Olympics fight an uphill battle.

In seeing the world in all its delicate beauty and overwhelming roughness, Christoph Ransmayr’s Atlas of an Anxious Man finds a language for mapping the intricacies of the human heart.

The temperatures are climbing relentlessly and there is no way you can make it to the seaside before the sun hits high noon? Fear not, Metropole brings you the best al fresco pools this side of the Alps. Whether you …

Austrian football fans have reason to celebrate. Against all odds, their team has not only qualified for the European Championship, but is also taken as a serious contender in a group with Portugal, Iceland and Hungary – a first in …

Vienna’s pools are more than just a place to cool off, they are an arena for the city’s social life

Reports of the end of Austria’s post-war idyll have been greatly exaggerated. But this presidential election may finally be the turning point. For the first time, instead of the Social-Democrats (SPÖ) and Conservatives (ÖVP), a right-wing populist Norbert Hofer (FPÖ), …

Don’t you dare ask an Austrian for a “Brötchen” with a “Wiener.” You might end up with a Schlag.

How yesterday’s industrial graveyards are turning into today’s hotbeds of innovation

Startups can’t do it on their own. We met some of the people who give Austrian entrepreneurs the support they need, through technical know-how, state funding, angel investment, or mentoring

In Graz, Austria’s second city, a charming old town with lively Mediterranean flair, and the biggest farmer’s market in all of Europe

The Austrian Presidential elections used to be a dull affair. Not anymore.

Understanding requires much more than merely speaking the same language. It’s the culture that matters.

Fusing Korean and European cuisine is a natural fit

On 300 dense pages the Scottish political economist Mark Blyth delivers a ringing battle cry to change course – or else.

The Austrian school of economic thought shapes financial policy the world over – but remains unpopular in its land of origin

The countries of Europe are faced with tidal waves of newcomers, bringing with them different values, unfamiliar cultures, and untried skills that must now be factored into daily life

This celebrity chef from Israel has opened another of his Miznon civilized street food restaurants in Vienna

Austrian chancellor Werner Faymann has caused some confusion in neighboring countries with his recent statements on a “temporary suspension” of the Schengen free border agreement and his suggesting the possible consequences for European countries of not showing solidarity in the …