For American citizens overseas, doing your civic duty is easier than you think: Cast an absentee ballot!

Vienna’s dramatists have a long, brilliant and turbulent history. But no year was quite so momentous as 1929, the year modernity was born.


Let Metropole help you choose the right course in the Viennale film feast

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This Wednesday, October 26, Austria celebrates its 61st year of independence and the birth of the Second Republic. Though it’s an official bank holiday, many museums and cultural attractions remain open – indeed, many offer free or reduced admissions and …

The redo of the Austrian Presidential Elections is taking place on the 4th of December. Here’s what you need to know about voting if you’re living abroad.


Recently, an aging American celebrity with implausibly dyed hair has caused bitter discord between his avid supporters and those who are repulsed by his undecipherable utterances (and even the sound of his voice).