When Sebastian Kurz was asked to be State Secretary for Integration in 2011, he was 24 years old.

The politics of women’s clothing in advertising

For voters battered by globalization, pro-Europeans must deliver growth – and jobs

The dangerous dance with Kern, Kurz and Strache

An unelected Prime Minister seeks a public mandate for leadership and her Brexit strategy.

Even the color is iconic: “Pantone rose” is a registered trademark for Austria’s signature snack – Manner Schnitten, the pink block of hazelnut cream wafers on the country’s candy shelves, and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s legendary power food.

The centennial of the Great War is the clearest argument for why the European Union matters

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What is it with the comfort zone? It sounds pretty good, so why are we constantly told to get out of it?

While others may debate whether art is, or should be, political, Austrian Nobel laureate Elfriede Jelinek has never been in doubt.

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