May 2017

Between the talks and networking, try these lunch spots, museums and sights you should visit while attending the Pioneers Festival 2017.

What is it with the comfort zone? It sounds pretty good, so why are we constantly told to get out of it?

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While others may debate whether art is, or should be, political, Austrian Nobel laureate Elfriede Jelinek has never been in doubt.

The centennial of the Great War is the clearest argument for why the European Union matters

Even the color is iconic: “Pantone rose” is a registered trademark for Austria’s signature snack – Manner Schnitten, the pink block of hazelnut cream wafers on the country’s candy shelves, and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s legendary power food.

An unelected Prime Minister seeks a public mandate for leadership and her Brexit strategy.

Vienna’s eternal mayor Michael Häupl is under mounting pressure to step down. And the squeeze is coming from within his own party

A quick and dirty synopsis of last month’s headlines in Vienna


We spoke to the Austrian-born serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist Hermann Hauser about betting on the market, reading a team and digging into new technologies.


How Austria’s taming the rush of death-defying adrenaline highs condition us to be more resilient.


Reporting from conflict zones is just as important as it is dangerous. Two women tell their stories.

Austrian logistics giant LTE is making use of the new Silk Road and plans to have 4,000 trains transporting goods between China and Europe in five years time.


Aside from manual dexterity, facility with numbers and a polished appearance, croupiers need skill with people and a mix of both ease and reserve.


The first time Alminko Dugic got in a 70-meter-high crane, he didn’t even know how to turn it on. Even though he had taken the requisite course for the job, it turned out to be “totally useless.”


When someone asks Cornelia Dworak to jump, she answers, “How high?” – literally.


We’ve all had the nightmare: You’re on stage in a dark theater in front of a packed house; the lights go up and suddenly you realize, you have no idea what you’re supposed to say…

Finding ways to take it easy in the city bustle can give you new strength in health and spirit


The fight-or-flight response is designed to prepare us for danger, but what really happens, when the adrenaline kicks in?


So what’s wrong with dirty money? Founder Georg Fechter has perfected the art of banking on fuel, fire and adrenaline.


Trail blazers have made biking in the Wienerwald more accessible.

Composer, interpreter and conductor Pierre Boulez is unquestionably the most important “serious” musical figure of the last seven decades

Seminal composer-pianist Terry Riley and his virtuoso guitarist son Gyan pair up for a rare intimate performance

The Wiener Festwochen push the envelope with a new co-director setting the tone

A worthy entry to the genre, David Mackenzie’s gun-slinging villains are unforgettably epic America loves its underdogs. Deeply ingrained in the national psyche, the archetype is a mainstay, offering social commentary as the heroes fight corrupt, repressive authority, be it …

Bruce Jenkins, professor of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and Alexander Horwath, Director of the Vienna Film Museum discuss the Austro-American avant-garde

Faruqee’s pulsating compositions make their solo debut in Europe

Mankind’s effect on the mother nature captured by the renowned Canadian photographer

The celebrated Austrian artist is shown in a new light with many previously unseen works

Being locked in a little room with nothing but your wits to save you. What better way to spend a Saturday?


The desire for real things in real time lies deep in the human psyche argues David Sax in The Revenge of Analog.


In The Vanquished, Robert Gerwarth attempts a more nuanced look at WW1 and why the carnage didn’t end in 1918.

From the moment her feet hit the pavement, Pamela Forster took the streets of Vienna by storm.

When it comes to stress, there is nothing like a getaway to soothe the nerves. No hotel, no taxis, just a tent and a backpack can suffice. Staying in town? We found the perfect e-moped for an urban staycation.

They go unnoticed by many and are treasured by a chosen few. Vienna’s best boutiques are on the rise and we chose a select sample to get you through May.

The darling micro-eatery Il Bio is Italian home cooking at its Austrian best.

Nordic charm and a living-room atmosphere are a welcome addition to Vienna’s international collection of cuisines.

After eons, kosher wine finally matures


Red Bull gives a fearless troupe wings to become mile-high paragons of their sport


Rafting in the Mostviertel may be a thrill, but to Rudi Scheiblechner, it’s business as usual

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To be truly integrated in Vienna there are certain terms no dictionary or Deutschkurs will properly explain.

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