June 2017

 As the Beatles said, when cynicism and sarcasm don’t get the better of us, that warm, gooey emotion – Love with a capital L – can really be all we need.

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Here’s the challenge:  First, eradicate poverty by getting over 90 percent of the world connected to electricity.  Second, save enough energy to keep global warming below 2 degrees.  And get both done by 2030.

When Sebastian Kurz was asked to be State Secretary for Integration in 2011, he was 24 years old.

The politics of women’s clothing in advertising

For voters battered by globalization, pro-Europeans must deliver growth – and jobs

Prime Minister Orbán’s assault on the Central European University has become a flash point in the struggle between democracy and nationalism in the EU

A quick-and-dirty synopsis of what everyone’s been talking about in Vienna and beyond


Julian Wiehl is the mind behind Vienna’s “progressive men’s magazine”, Vangardist, showcasing the savoir vivre of the gay community


The LGBT scene has experienced a surge of acceptance in Austria, but it took a while to get here and equality is not yet a reality.


In the world of romance, globalization brings a new dynamic to an age-old mystery


Head of the Standesamt Landstraße, the woman who has overseen countless international weddings never tires of love stories


Whether she’s playing games with gender and sexuality, or just celebrating love, music, fashion, this drag queen is an expert on being fabulous


She gets high on people daring to say “I do”. This bubbly expat has dedicated her livelihood to capturing celebrations of love


Whether it’s the official “I do”, or playing games with gender and sexuality, her life’s work celebrates love, sexuality and femininity

When love goes bad, many cases of violence go unreported. Here is how Vienna offers support for victims and families


Recent research poses that love could be “treated” like an addiction. Are we really going to medicalize l’amour?


Old-school bar romancer discovers the matching app phenomenon Tinder


For most of its long history, Vienna has taken a cavalier attitude to stepping out.


or how a culinary melting pot became the city’s favorite Bobo Bazaar

Your guide to the best musical performances at churches throughout Vienna.

A plethora of genres and styles define this venerable festival.

Notable tributes and newcomers make this year a salute to musical innovators then and now.

Art brut and its origins are laid bare at Museum Gugging.

A new group show at the Kunsthalle encourages us to shed our preconceptions and love the things that set us apart.

Nikolaus Habjan shines a light on religious fundamentalism in Nathan der Weise.

The Bard’s illustrious comedy of errors makes landfall in Vienna.

An intimate story of an autistic boy changed by Disney movies.

The silver screen – coming to a park near you.

Societal upheaval, as shown by Japanese cinema.

Proudly presenting an alternative to heteronormative cinema and queer since day one, the biannual Identities Film Festival holds the rainbow torch up high


Vicki Baum’s classic international bestseller Grand Hotel: a lucid, affectionate depiction of a society in crisis


Peter H. Wilson asks us to reimagine the premodern world in The Holy Roman Empire

Sometimes love deserves its own realm, far away from the prying eyes of the outside world. Where better to have a romantic escape than at Vienna’s legendary no-tell hotel: the notorious Hotel Orient.

Nordic by nature? These brands certainly wear their heritage with pride. Scandinavian fashion takes on different faces, from eccentric runway looks to légère summer frocks and geeky streetwear.

They go unnoticed by the mainstream and are treasured by a chosen few. We selected a sample of Vienna’s boutique landscape to get you through June.

The Fesch’markt returns to Vienna with 220 independent designers offering their wares. Look out for these three labels, champions of eco-social awareness and tradition.

The Weinviertel has as many philosophies as vintners

Vienna’s legendary drag party celebrates 10 years of queer

The spirit of tapas lives on in a new guise at Paco

A Persian New Yorker transplants Brooklyn grub to Kirchengasse  


The Wachau region is just a stone’s throw from Vienna and its secrets and treasures can be all yours for an afternoon.


The Vienna Nightrow is a fun tradition that defies preconceptions about rowing

A new collection of local hot spots and events to discover! To advertise please contact

To be truly integrated in Vienna there are certain terms no dictionary or Deutschkurs will properly explain. But you’re no stranger, so here’s this month’s cheat sheet

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