April 2017

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Charm is an elusive quality, a mix of beauty, setting, an appeal to the heart. Something precious. Even in Vienna, it should never be taken for granted.

To keep women on the land, things will have to change.

A collective sigh of relief across Europe: With Norbert Hofer and Geert Wilders defeated at the polls, right-wing, anti-European populism appears to be in retreat – at least for now.

Medical Meanderings: From dodgy diagnostics in the U.K. to a tree-filled quad in the Alpine Republic. A tale of two cities.


Or does Kern’s new narrative play into the hands of the populists?

A quick and dirty synopsis of last month’s headlines in Vienna

Vienna’s most prominent cancer specialist, Christoph Zielinski, on precision medicine, unhappy doctors, and why social equality is the key to successful health care.


The Austrian health care system covers you regardless of your wallet size or passport. But cracks are showing in this jewel of the welfare state. By Nicolas Kristen & Benjamin Wolf


People spend over $100 billion on medical procedures in foreign countries. In CEE, the trend has become a goldmine.


Profile: Dr. Klaus Pseiner and Dr. Henrietta Egerth


Profile: Pia Baurek-Karlic – keeping you in good health

Your guide to being pregnant in Vienna, Austria – a great place to have a baby, but make sure you have your “MuKi”


Since the 18th century this city has been on the cutting edge of medical innovation. What is the next frontier?


Pharma’s Market: The pharmaceutical industry has played an important role in Austria’s economic growth. But the challenge remains to find a balance between regulation and competitive pricing.


Steinhof is a Wiener Melange of health and history and now the city adds housing to the mix.


Laying to rest a companion to controversy in Austria’s struggle with its national socialist past.

The Tiger Lillies promote their latest album A Cold Night in Soho.

An eclectic repertoire of world renowned artists present dance in manifold forms at Osterklang.

Love’s Labor’s Not Lost: Outside Mullingar is somewhat mired in its continental premiere.

Shen Yun: choreography, artistry, dance and color share the stage in this touring Chinese production

No Such Thing? The Free Lunch Society begs to differ.

A visually stunning film about the fundamental truths of life and the monsters lurking in the dark places.

A fast-food confidential on McDonald’s founder Ray Kroc.

The world’s first psychiatric clinic lives on as the pathological-anatomical museum.

Her unreleased masterpieces presented at new exhibition.

Eurocature, the annual conference and exhibition of caricature artists, brings together international talent to create spitting images.

The Albertina displays a different view of Egon Schiele’s oeuvre.

A Leopold Museum exhibition juxtaposes the past and present with two artists famous for their satirical takes on everyday social norms.

Rainbow Sabbath: Outrageous and camp, the Kibbutz Klub disco welcomes all to the family.


Richard Harris’ book Rigor Mortis inspires scientific soul-searching.


Award-winning Viennese writer Robert Seethaler’s bestselling novel, The Tobacconist, tackles coming of age on the eve of war and shows a sentimental side of Freud.

It might have started with wearing your yoga pants everywhere but what once was thought to be a fleeting trend of the 2010s is now seen as a radical shift in how consumers approach everyday clothes.

The movement has been creeping up on us: yoga pants, breathable fabrics, mesh … activewear has morphed into the concept of “athleisure,” some interpretations of which we quite like.

They go unnoticed by many and are treasured by a chosen few. Vienna’s independent labels, studios and boutiques are on the rise and we chose a sample to get you through April.

The “golden” cook of Fischrestaurant Kaj transforms the fresh catch from the Adriatic.

Ghisallo marries casual Mediterranean dining with fine Italian road bikes.

Classy and exclusive, the Tour de Vin lets you peek behind the scenes at Lower Austria’s finest vineyards.

As the Vienna City Marathon nears, runners gear up for their next big rush.


An out-of-town house experience with all the comforts of modern living.

Vienna’s most famous imperial confectioner has revived the original vision of owner Anton Gerstner in 1877 next to the state opera by opening their new café-restaurant on the second floor of Gerstner, located on Kärntner Straße 51.

A new collection of globally-minded hotspots and shops to discover! To advertise please contact

To be truly integrated in Vienna there are certain terms no dictionary or Deutschkurs will properly explain.

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