Proudly presenting an alternative to heteronormative cinema and queer since day one, the biannual Identities Film Festival holds the rainbow torch up high

The silver screen – coming to a park near you.

Societal upheaval, as shown by Japanese cinema.

An intimate story of an autistic boy changed by Disney movies.

Bruce Jenkins, professor of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and Alexander Horwath, Director of the Vienna Film Museum discuss the Austro-American avant-garde

A worthy entry to the genre, David Mackenzie’s gun-slinging villains are unforgettably epic America loves its underdogs. Deeply ingrained in the national psyche, the archetype is a mainstay, offering social commentary as the heroes fight corrupt, repressive authority, be it …

A visually stunning film about the fundamental truths of life and the monsters lurking in the dark places.

No Such Thing? The Free Lunch Society begs to differ.

A fast-food confidential on McDonald’s founder Ray Kroc.

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