The desire for real things in real time lies deep in the human psyche argues David Sax in The Revenge of Analog.


In The Vanquished, Robert Gerwarth attempts a more nuanced look at WW1 and why the carnage didn’t end in 1918.


Award-winning Viennese writer Robert Seethaler’s bestselling novel, The Tobacconist, tackles coming of age on the eve of war and shows a sentimental side of Freud.


Richard Harris’ book Rigor Mortis inspires scientific soul-searching.

Austrian Michael Köhlmeier’s reinvention of the novel with Idyll with Drowning Dog and Madalyn.

How neoliberalism changed Central Europe in Europe Since 1989.

In Blitzed: Drugs in Nazi Germany, Norman Ohler shows how methamphetamines made the German Blitzkrieg possible.

The story of Stefan Zweig’s exile years is compellingly told in George Prochnik’s literary biography.

Two centuries of scandal, intrigue and dancing in Russia are masterfully handled in Simon Morrison’s Bolshoi Confidential.

Enjoy the true stories in Elizabeth Greenwood’s Playing Dead, but don’t expect deep insights

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