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A Polish-American who has deemed Vienna home - Gregory takes care of our website, online marketing and social media. Photo: Visual Hub

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I want to be buried there.

Metropole caters to the interests and needs of English-speaking expat communities. Here are our curated recommendations for what you won’t want to miss in Vienna this week (July 4 – July 11, 2017).

An eclectic mix of cinema’s finest, at one of the summer’s hottest hangouts

Nordic charm and a living-room atmosphere are a welcome addition to Vienna’s international collection of cuisines.

Ghisallo marries casual Mediterranean dining with fine Italian road bikes.

CBS’s Late Show host, Stephen Colbert came across rumors concerning the potential new U.S. ambassador to Austria, Patrick Park, longtime Trump supporter and concert pianist. As Colbert pointed out, the main qualifications for a position of such high esteem would …

If the recent election has taught us anything, it’s that details do not matter anymore.


Kohei Kurosa serves udon and other beloved Japanese staples at his newly opened restaurant, Kuro

The left is in a crisis.

It’s official. At 17:35 Norbert Hofer went on Facebook and congratulated Alexander Van der Bellen on his decisive victory.   “My dear friends! Thank you all. You gave me so much support and I am unimaginably sad that it did not …

Wedged between the lively arteries of Wiedner Hauptstrasse and Margaretenstrasse, Mittersteig is a mostly residential area with some hidden gems.

The redo of the Austrian Presidential Elections is taking place on the 4th of December. Here’s what you need to know about voting if you’re living abroad.

Le Burger throws out convention and leaves it all up to you

Cellist Yo-Yo Ma leads once distant cultures joyously in consort in The Music of Strangers.

Finding a decent pint in Vienna is not a challenging task. However, with the advent of craft beers and microbreweries, a certain snobbery regarding hops and malt has become pervasive. While most of us are well served with a Krügel …

For indoors and out, Austrian companies have come up with simple solutions for our everyday needs, at home and on the move

The Beaver Brewing Company brings craft beer and American classics to Alsergrund

We all know Austrians can drink, but how do they compare internationally?   Zweigelt, Schilcher, Grüner Veltliner, Welschriesling, Sturm, Schnapps, Bier, Sekt, Most, Stroh, Edelbrand. If you’ve been in Austria for a while, some, if not all of these should …

A clever Marketing campaign has the whole city perplexed.   If you’re one of the many people wondering what the t-shirts, button-downs and tank tops were doing strung along Mariahilferstraße, look no furthur. A clothes line stretching from Westbahnhof to Museumsquartier …

We had a great time celebrating the first issue of Metropole at our launch party and we’re glad that so many of you were able to join us. Here are a few photos in case you weren’t able to make …